Roosther Fish The Green Prince Of SportFishing

The coastal fishing 20 years ago wasn´t sought by the professional fishermen. A very common practice when they return form the deep sea fishing, where the kings were Marlin and Sailfish, was to do a small test by trolling from 20 to 30 minutes to fish a very colorful green fish that in spanish is named “Gallo”. This due to the good fight this fish gives, we could even say that it has very similar techniques with Marlin. It also has a strong resistance, a battle with it can last even 40 minutes.

In some point it became a target. Now it has its own space, the Roosterfish fishing is the favorite of many and of course it's colorful appearance gives a photo trophy for life. This fish has came to such a level of fame that it has became a protected specie, thats why it is catched only with the famous “catch and release” method. Nowadays there´s professional fishermen that come to Costa Rica exclusively to get there Roosterfish. If you have caught a Rooster Fish congratulations you already have meet the green prince, but if you haven't we wait for you soon, make your reservation and go for your trophy. 

Fish Now and Work Later.