Riu Guanacaste

Fishing near Riu Guanacaste


The Riu Guanacaste, an all Inclusive hotel, is by far one of the most popular hotels in the gulf of Papagayo due to its good quality, seen in its 5 star rating. At only 10 minutes by boat or 20 minutes by land from our main office. Located 45 minutes from the International Airport in Liberia, its surroundings are full of adventure.


If you want to fish near Riu Guanacaste and Riu Palace Resort, we can make you a fishing book, without any doubt we have the best fishing trips. Our fishing charters are all inclusive. If you like something more relaxing, a Catamaran private Tour for snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful sunset at the sea is an option. And if you want to get a little bit out from your hotel area our services offering includes land tours, senior tours and water sports. For example, sailing, snorkeling, animal safari, Diamante Eco Adventure, Nicaragua one day tour, hiking, zip lining, caves, hot springs, horseback riding, coffee tours, National Parks, rafting, tubing, beaches tour by land or boat.


Try now the best fishing trips, check our boats and have an amazing time!

Recommended Boats

Crismakey  29 Ft
Chorotega 32 Ft
Positivo 29 Ft