In Costa Rica it's common to hear the name “pangas” when we talk about small fishing boats. In Blue Marlin we offer you the super pangas, boats 29 ft long and 1ft wider than the normal pangas, with a comfortable space with shade and a toilet. If you are not looking for a very big and luxurious boat with an A/C cabin super pangas are a good option. You can even go 25 miles in the ocean for a full day fishing (except for the windy season) on them. All our Boats are fully equipped with outriggers, downriggers and Penn Equipment. Catering to the individual needs of clients, we have fishing charters for beginners so they can learn how to hook and land his or her own fish. We also have fishing charters for the experts. And please don't stress out about how much tip for a fishing trip, any tip you want to give depends on your generosity and your satisfaction with the service provided. If you are vacationing in Costa Rica don’tt think too much about it and try your fishing adventure. Remember: Fish now and Work Later!