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Fishing in Guanacaste: The perfect Fishing boat for you.

If you are looking for fishing charters in the Gulf Papagayo Guanacaste Costa Rica we can guide you. We are offering a range of fishing tours from affordable to deluxe.

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What is a Costa Rica Fishing Charter?

We are the Fishing Costa Rica Experts

The fishing charters 20 years ago wasn´t sought by the professional fisherman. A very common practice when they return from the deep sea fishing Costa Rica, where the kings were Blue Marlin fish, Black Marlin fish and Sailfish, was to do a small test by trolling from 20 to 30 minutes to fish a very colorful green fish that in spanish is named “Gallo”. This due to the good fight this fish gives, we could even say that it has very similar techniques as when we are fishing blue Marlin.

 In addition it also has a strong resistance, a battle with it can last even 40 minutes.

Fishing Charter Costa Rica

Fish Now and Work Later is a Fishing charter company who offers Costa Rica fishing charters around the Gulf of Papagayo, with a experienced team which will guide you through the Deep sea fishing using the fishing rod.

When fishing in Costa Rica (Prices)?

We recommend you book at any season of the year. Fishing in Costa Rica in december is a good idea to enjoy with your Friends and family. The Costa Rica fishing prices are lower if you contact us now.

For fishing Costa Rica in January and for fishing Costa Rica in February contact us as soon as possible to book your trip in Sport Fishing Blue Marlin.

Do you want to fishing in december in Costa Rica?

Any season is the best to catch the biggest fish in the legendary waters of the Pacific Ocean on the North West Coast of Costa Rica.

Also the  Gulf of Papagayo is one of the premier sport fishing destinations and deep sea fishing in the world. In addition if you are looking for Fishing charters Costa Rica Papagayo near you we can send you all the fishing boats information.

For fishing Costa Rica in January and for fishing Costa Rica in February contact us as soon as possible to book your trip in Sport Fishing Blue Marlin.

Book now and get great discounts in your booking.

How many fish species are there?

There are several kind of species clases as sturgeon fish, pike fish, carp fish, grouper fish, walleye fish, shad fish, tarpon fish, bass fish, blue fin tuna, largemouth bass, wahoo fish, halibut fish,  shark fish, ,chub fish, peacock bass, black bass, Brown trout, snook fish, White bass, blue cat fish, black Marlin, Blue marlín, mahi mahi fish minnow fish, bluegill fish, black sea bass, striper fish musky fish and plenty more types of fishes. Visit our Gallery to see many more.

Where can you fishing in Costa Rica? or Fishing charter near you?

If you are in Nosara, Santa Teresa, Jaco, Tamarindo, Coco beach, Liberia ori f you are hosted in Hyatt Andaz, Riu Guanacaste Resort, Four Seasons, Westin Conchal, Occidental Guanacaste, Planet Hollywood Costa Rica or Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica le tus know to give you the information for the fishing games.

Fishing in Costa Rica with Sport Fishing Blue Marlin.

Why fishing rooster fish in costa rica?

Now there are many countries in which you can fish rooster fish so  In Costa Rica we have rooster fish all year long due to the water temperature conditions. Also its important to remember that Rooster fish has became so popular that its a protected specie, thats why it is catched only with the famous “catch and release” method.  This also helps to preserve good amounts of Rooster. Nowadays there´s professional fishermen that come to Costa Rica exclusively to get there Roosterfish. If you have caught a Rooster Fish congratulations you already have meet the green prince, but if you haven’t we wait for you soon, make your reservation and go for your trophy.

Hook up, and get ready for the sport fishing experience of a lifetime!

Fish now and Work Later

Why fishing charter Costa Rica is the best.

Fishing Charters Costa Rica vs the others charter boats.

Primarly we are the best destin fishing charters Costa Rica and we have the best fishing tours Costa Rica prices. We also accommodate the preferences of the veteran fisherman with a complete range of fishing techniques and the finest tackle and fishing equipment.

So, if you are thinking “fishing charter near me?” and don’t know where or when fishing in Costa Rica fill the form to get more information.

Part of the fishing trip in Papagayo is the techniques we use to fish. Fly fishing is one the most know fishing techniques, also the Trolling Fishing, the jigging also called vertical fishing, live bait fishing, casting fishing and the fishing depth are the most used for us.

Also it is home to an amazing variety types of fishes and quantity of game fish. Costa Rica has the reputation for world-class catches draws enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Deep sea fishing charters in Costa Rica Guanacaste.

We practice catch and release fishing with ALL species.

Know what are the species in the fishing charters we catch.

In Sport Fishing Blue Marlin located in Papagayo fishing trips Playas del Coco you will catch a lot of types of species of fishes. For example Marlin fish and Sail fish, to Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Yellow, the wahoo fish, Fin Tuna Fish, Rooster fish, big fish, flying fish, angler fish, bluefin tuna, fish dorado and many more.

Wahoo fishing tours Costa Rica are offered by us. Please contact us to get more information. The wahoo fishing charter the best wahoo fishing tour in the Costa Rica Fishing charter.

Where to go blue marlin fishing?

Come to Costa Rica Sport fishing blue marlín and see the biggest marlín fish size, get the Black marlin fishing experience, blue marlin fishing tournament, best marling fishing charters, the prices for blue marlin fishing in Costa Rica with all inclusive for the fishing trip.

Is blue marlin fishing in Costa Rica all the year?

Of course. Yes, we ae waiting for your booking trip to take you to the best blue marling fishing experiences.  – Also take a look of the Jackpot sport fishing Blue Marlin. –

The season of the Rooster fish Costa Rica is starting. (Take a look of this picture of a rooster fish)

The Sailfish, Mahi Mahi fish, Marlin fish, Wahoo fish, Tuna fish, and Rooster fish can be seen on the Gallery. They are some of all the types of fishes we catch.

Trolling Fishing

Usually is the best type of fishing in our area, highly effective if is handled correctly with the suitable speed and deepness for each environment. The Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, and Rooster fish (with live bait) are the most common fishes for this technique.

Trolling is the type of fishing that involves dragging lures or dead bait such as ballyhoo or live bait with circular hooks, from a boat in

motion.A sport fishing boat drags from 5-10 lures this mean that there is more chance of hooking a fish. There are certain occason in which many fish hook at the same time.Trolling fishing is reccomended for beginners because they can be guided by sailors until they gain more experience.

Fly Fishing

For this technique is required the special “cañas” and “carretes” from fly that every fisherman carries because it is something very personal and with a high value.Fish like Mahi Mahi, Rooster, Sailfish, and Marlin are good for this technique.

Fly fishing is continually gaining followers, is the most artistic technique and very accurate. This type of fishing consists  into launching an artificial fly using only the weight it gives the line either float or sink.

First is trolling with several tizers or bait without a hook to attract the attention of the fish and succeeded him approaching the boat, then when the fish is about to nibble the bait the sailor takes the bait and the angler puts the fly instead .

The captain stopped the boat in full coordination with the fisherman and this gives the magic moment of 5 seconds, where the  fisherman lasso the  fly  and the fish catches the lure, then the second part begins, the fight …

Pesca de Jigging

The jigging, also called vertical fishing, is used in our country for fishing Sea Bass, Pampanos, Ojaran, Snapper and Mackerel.

This technique basically involves the use of jigs that are dropped freely to the bottom from the boat. At this point, the fisherman is doing rhythmic recoveries of the line, while synchronized action exerted by the bending of the rod. The objective is no other than simulating a fish fleeing erratically to the surface. This is extremely attractive for large predators, to the point of capturing pieces of very good size

These lures, called jigs have been changing with the year, and nowadays, they seem to be a large number of marine animals. There are jigging variants that use natural baits, both living and inert, requires some degree of expertise for this type of fishing.

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